Griz Vs. Badger – Nature Vs. NCAA
The number 13 seeded Montana Grizzlies will take on the number 4 seeded Wisconsin Badgers at 12:10pm. Montana is being talked about as one of the teams to possibly deliver an upset in the first round of the NCAA tournament.
Sports Bar In Central Arkansas [Audio]
The above picture says it all. ESPN needs to broadcast more Griz games. With all the drama behind the broadcast of tomorrow's Griz game. I decided to call down to Conway, AR and see if any of their local sports bars were going to be coughing up the coin to watch the game pay per view...
Griz Playoff Game on ESPN GamePlan
Montana petitioned and ESPN caved in.  The Griz and Bobcat playoff games will be available on ESPN GamePlan.  Gonna cost you about 25 bucks but at least it's an option now.  Plus that means every bar from Polson to Darby will be s…
Hank Williams Jr Lets The Whiskey Do The Talking
Hank III performed tonight at the Wilma. Meanwhile his daddy and fellow Montana resident , Hank Williams Jr, was apologizing for a comment he made on The Fox News Channel comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler. I did'nt hear the context of the conversation he had when he made the comment, bu…