Western Montana Fair 2015
It's already fair time again in Missoula, which is awesome, but also sad, because it marks the dreaded "BTS" time for the kids (Back To School.)
2014 Western Montana Fair Demolition Derby
I have to say, the demolition derby is one of the highlights of my summer every year. Nothing screams "MERICA" like exhaust fumes and crunching metal. Yours truly, along with the Tallest DJ in America, will be hosting the 2014 NAPA Demolition Derby.
Demo Derby 2011
Carnage, Chaos, Fire, Exhaust, Dirty, America! Words I would use to describe The Western MT Fair Demolition Derby. It is more All-American than hating terrorists. American steel and burning rubber smashing together in a fight to the death...
“I Can’t Believe I Ate The WHOLE Thing” :Fair Food Review
*BURP* You know that one of the highlights of your fairgoing experience is usually the food. Every year we dream of  Vikings and Funnel Cakes. I felt like Andy Richman from Man Vs Food yesterday while I was sampling as many fair delights as I could without getting sick on the Kamikaze...