Vidiot: Green Day “Walking Contradiction”
Friday the 13th is known for being an unlucky day. It has been a superstition that dates back to the 19th century. I have never experienced any weird things on Friday the 13th. Well any more than usual. But I do find myself being extra cautious around black cats, broken mirrors and spilt salt...
Griz Game Day Plans For UM Campus
Griz Vs. Northern Iowa Panthers
Friday, 6pm, Washington Grizzly Stadium
See it on ESPN, hear it on our sister station, AM 1290 KGVO
Listen this week to win tickets and tailgate passes.
So my buddy Al, from down the hall at the World Famous Craig & Al Morning Show comes down to The Blaze stu…
Happy Rebecca Black Metal Friday The 13th
It wasn't until "The Damned Things" were in the Blaze studio that name "Rebecca Black" was ever mentioned to me. We were talking about groups/bands out there that just didn't belong in any music scene. This little rich, untalented, annoying girl was at…