Jimmy fallon

Jon Hamm + Jimmy Fallon Photobomb 30 Rock Sightseers
Let it never be said that Jon Hamm doesn't like to have a good time. The 'Mad Men' star might be known for his hard-nosed role on the uber-dramatic AMC series, but he likes to stir up mirth in his off-time, from 'SNL' hosting and pop-in appearances to helping 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon with so…
jimmy fallon plays drinking game with kate upton
Kate Upton is not only fun to look at, but she is also a damn fine flip cup player. Now that she is finally old enough to drink, she puts her drinking game skills to work and beats Jimmy Fallon in a late night flip cup showdown.
Breaking Bad Meets Jimmy Fallon – Joking Bad [VIDEO]
I am still trying to recover from Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad. The final season is so far not disappointing. Every episode has left me with a slightly elevated heart rate and a craving for pop rocks. The phenomenon took a couple seasons to catch on, but now in it's final season, every…

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