How They Test for Marijuana DUI [VIDEO]
First, let me start by saying "drugs are bad...Mmmkay." With marijuana on the verge of becoming legal in states all over the country, the states that currently have legalized marijuana are learning how to crack down on marijuana impaired driving...
First Time Marijuana Freak Out [VIDEO]
We have all heard the story of the cop who confiscated marijuana from a group of kids, only to take it home and make a batch of brownies. After eating the brownies, the man was convinced he was dying and called 911. Wow!! Take Ice Cube's character on the movie "Friday," he was a first timer that had a rough first experience with THC...
Colorado’s New Board of Tourism Commercial [VIDEO]
It is safe to assume that the tourism industry in Colorado is booming just as big as the marijuana industry. I am willing to bet that since January 1st, people have been booking flights to Denver, just to smoke ganja. But just in case, a new ad encouraging tourist to visit, has hit the web.
Seattle Cops Hook Up Chips for Starving Stoners
The topic of marijuana is becoming less of a taboo and more of an everyday thing. Recently Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN "changed his mind" on the topic of marijuana. He agrees that it is a great drug and VERY beneficial medically. With Washington and Colorado legalizing marijuana, it opens the doors for people to open their minds. The only side effect is the munchies. Seattle cops have that p
Smugglers Invent “Pot Cannons” to get Marijuana Over the Border [VIDEO]
Like Dennis Leary says in his "No Cure For Cancer" stand up, "weed doesn't lead to other drugs, it leads to carpentry." Mexican drug smugglers are always dreaming up new ways to get drugs across the border. Recently drug enforcement agents have confiscated a cannon believed to have been used to shoot canisters packed with marijuana, across the Mexican border.
Former MSU Bobcat Recruit Sells “Happy Cakes”
Take 1 Part brownie mix + 1 part weed butter and you got yourself a Bobcat treat. According to our sister station KGVO 1290AM: A former Montana State University football recruit has acknowledged selling marijuana-laced brownies to fellow high school graduates, several of whom became sick at what was supposed to be a drug- and alcohol-free graduation party in Kalispell.