Monte Wins Guyspeed's Mascot of the Year
Monte has demolished the GuySpeed March Mascot Madness competition. Our very own dancing bear has officially conquered the field of college mascots and is the crowned champion.
March Mascot Madness – Monte Advances to the Final Four [VOTE NOW]
Really, GuySpeed? You are making this too easy. Pitting our lovable mascot up against some of the (dare we say...) unattractive school mascots is just simply too unfair for our rivals. First, it was Otto the Orange which lost by a whopping 84% of the votes, and now this week, everyone's obvious favorite furry grizzly bear is up against yet another slightly odd looking team spirit costumed characte
Vidiot: Guns And Roses “Welcome To The Jungle”
When you think of pre-game ceremonies at WA/GRIZ stadium, what song do you think of? Thats right! "Welcome to the jungle"! It is the song that Monte triumphantly makes his debut too every home game. Well tonight you will hear this song again, as the Griz prepare to whop the snot out of the Northern Iowa Panthers...