Cheech & Chong “Santa And His Old Lady”
Cheech And Chong and their story of "Santa Claus and his old lady" is a touching tale about a bearded man, his wife and a bunch of little people who eat special brownies and fly all over the world delivering toys to kids.
Eat Breakfast With Santa At Missoula Carousel
Santa is eating breakfast at A Carousel for Missoula on Saturday, December 20th from 9-10:30am. You can join Santa for a light breakfast and enjoy unlimited carousel rides. The cost is $6 for Adults and $4 for children ages 3-12. Children under the age of 3 are free...
Santa Shot With BB Gun in Washington D.C. [VIDEO]
Was Santa a little slower getting to your place this year? Turns out Amazon and UPS are not the only ones with slight delays. Santa got that Red Rider BB Gun for a good little boy or girl. What did he get in return? A pellet to the ass.
Santa’s Christmas Self Defense [VIDEO]
Ever wondered how Santa can go all over the world, carrying millions of dollars worth of merchandise in his ride, and not get robbed? Easy, he is packing heat. Check out Santa's arsenal and marksmanship skills.
Mall Santa Charged With Groping an Elf [VIDEO]
Being a mall Santa has got to be a painful job. Just imagine the ear piercing screams and all the kids with their crap filled diapers. The only plus side, would have to be the people watching. Just as long as you don't pitch the "helper elf's" ass.
Moses vs Santa Epic Rap Battle
I have noticed the comments all over social media and even billboards. There is always someone bashing on Christmas not focusing enough on Jesus. People think we forgot what the holiday is about and choose to worship a fat guy in red pajamas.
Why Didn’t Santa Come? [VIDEO]
I always wondered why Santa stopped coming to my house after awhile.  Was I a bad kid?  Well yeah, sometimes but isnt that fatty suppose to leave you coal if you are?  Nothing for years... then I see this... good going you jolly ol jerk...
Vidiot: Beavis and Butthead “Letters To Santa Butthead”
Okay, So it is not a music video. But Beavis and Butthead are the inspiration behind this whole Vidiot thing. They are the original Vidiots. Back in the "hayday" of Beavis and Butthead (circa 1996). The boys had their own christmas special which included a segment titled "Letters To Santa Butthead"...