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Election Coverage
The Key and Peele sketch comedy show on Comedy Central is good at impersonating Barack Obama. With the election tomorrow, it is crucial that any past "dirt" be brought to light.
“Meow” Game on ESPN Sportcenter
I am assuming that if you are reading this, you have seen the movie "Super Troopers." If not, then hang your head in shame. It is a hilarious flick and the origin of the "meow" game.
Scooby and Shaggy Get Busted – Stoner Moment of the Day
As we are getting geared up for our annual ghost hunt, we are looking for a few teammates to join our team. But according to the video footage that surfaced on today's Stoner Moment. We can't call on our friends Scooby and Shaggy. Who knows when they will be getting out of jail.
Cannastrips – Stoner Moment [VIDEO]
What will they think of next? As we get closer to the (fingers crossed) legalization of marijuana. Scientist have devised another way for medical marijuana patients to medicate. Some of the arguments against medical marijuana have been about the consumption of the medication. Smoking it isn't the he…
What Bored Soldiers Do with No Sleep – Stoner Moment [VIDEO]
Being overseas in a war zone is mentally exhausting as it is. But with the conflict slowing down in Iraq, standing post has got to be boring. In today's Stoner Moment, we witness home video footage of a Marine who has been isolated in his post for long hours. According to the video, he is avera…
Ninja Squirrel vs. Stoners – Stoner Moment
There is a squirrel living just outside the Blaze studio that is constantly harassing me while I am on the air. I have grown fond of the little critter peaking into my window everyday. But I haven't seen him all week and was worried that he may be "cat food." So I went outside to investiga…
Topless Activist Takes NYC – Stoner Moment [VIDEO]
I learned an interesting fact today while searching for your Stoner Moment. Did you know that it is legal for women to walk around New York City completely topless? Its true. In a law put in place back in 1992, women are allowed the same rights as men and can legally walk around with their "…
Mr. Wizard Is A Grumpy Old Geezer – Stoner Moment
It is hard to want to learn something when someone is always there telling you how stupid you are. It is like trying to deal with tech support and feeling like you may have an idea on what you are doing. But no matter what you do, YOU ARE WRONG!
Things that make us crazy – Stoner Moment [VIDEO]
Did you know that there is a chemical in marijuana that helps prevent you from going crazy? It is called CBD and it is an anti-psychotic. So scratch that off of your reasons why you talk to yourself  and twitch. There are lots of things that make people crazy. Stress, road rage, chemical imbalance o…
A Guy Interviews His 12 yr old Self – Stoner Moment
Imagine if you could go back in time and talk to your 12 tr old self. What would you say? I would probably tell myself not to listen to my buddy when he tells me that "she is a cool chick, she doesn't seem crazy at all." Or "don't drink the tequila with the scorp…

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