Get Your Gear Together – Montana Outdoor Update
You have been sitting on your ass for the majority of 2012 so far. It is time to start getting your gear organized and ready for your spring activities. Turkey season is sneaking up on us. As well as spring bear hunting. When was the last time you shot your bow...
Yesterday (Tuesday) I did my typical wake up and read the news on my phone horsecrap.  And I saw that the Missoula Food Bank would likely have to turn down around 600 families for Thanksgiving groceries this year.  That sucks, not good, can't happen...
Free Thanksgiving Dinner In Missoula
Times are tough this year, I've never seen it this bad, and I've lived in Missoula my entire life.  Friends, co-workers & relatives I'd never think would have to, have been forced to use the Food Bank this year. A lot.  Here are a few places you can bring the fam this Thanksgiving:
-The Poverello…
Get Backstage With A7X & Hollywood Undead
Alright Blazers, here's the plan. Today ONLY between 1 & 4pm, we will be taking your turkey donations at the Missoula Food Bank. Everybody who stops by with a donation will be entered to win floor tickets and passes to meet both Avenged Sevenfold AND Hollywood Undead. H...
Rob Zombie “Say No To Turkey” [AUDIO]
Rob Zombie recently called into the PETA hotline to share his thoughts on "Turkey Day". The "Master of Horror" is apparently disgusted by the way the Butterball company treats its turkeys. The man who is known for gorey movies like "House of 1000 corpses" and "Devi…
Smash – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Smash, a Turkish Suicide Girl who says lies make her sad and lists “fun” as one of her hobbies. We can’t argue with that, Smash!
Name: Smash
Age: 27
Location: Turkey
Into: Personal training, photography
Makes me happy: Some moments
Hobbies: Meds and fun