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Wayne Static Did Not Die From a Drug Overdose
A press release sent out on Sunday (Nov. 2) by Wayne Static's publicist states that the 48-year-old lead singer of Static-X died in his sleep, and that drugs were not involved. Apparently he and his wife Tery Wray were set to leave for their next tour on Halloween night, but decided to wait and…
Wayne Static Hooks Up With DMC For a New Song [VIDEO]
When Wayne Static called in to my show this afternoon, I asked him about the song he recorded with Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels. He's a huge fan of how "Noise Revolution" turned out, and you can download the song on iTunes now. Check this out.
Civil Unrest Tour in Montana
Last night, Closing Chapter let me get a good look at the Civil Unrest tour in Butte and all I can say is be prepared Missoula. Even though I will be seeing the same bands Friday night, I cannot wait!
Wayne Static & OTEP in Montana, Possibly Missoula [UPDATE]
On Friday we announced the The Civil Unrest tour stop in Butte. Naturally, we would still have done that considering local heroes Walking Corpse Syndrome are opening that show. However, if we had any indication that there would be a Missoula show, we would have warned you before you bought tickets f…
Wayne Static: I Thought I Was Gonna Kill Myself in 2012
The life and times of Static-X frontman Wayne Static have been bizarre lately. That may not surprise too many people who are familiar with the 'Dragonball Z'-haired nu-metaller, but between his feud with former Static-X bassist Tony Campos, being pressed with felony drug charges, hernia su…

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