Tool Front Man Wrestles Fan on Stage
Maynard James Keenan, front man for Tool/APC/Pucifer, man of mystery, and wrestler? It's true! Recently MJK returned to his old High School to help prep the wrestlers for an upcoming tournament. Want to see how good he is?
‘Wrestlefest’ Now Available For iPhone and iPad
Back in the day, one of the biggest staples of the mall and movie theater arcades was the face smashing, button masher ‘Wrestlefest.’. Now it’s back on the iPhone and the iPad.
THQ has revived the classic square circle pixel-fest that not only includes some of th…
Most Illegal Move In Wrestling [VIDEO]
I used believe wrestling was real up until about the age of 9. Then, just like Santa and the Easter Bunny, the harsh reality was revealed. It was all a lie. My dad and I would sit down every Thursday night and watch wrestling greats like Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and Sgt...
Barrett’s Wrestling World: WWE Night of Champions Preview
One of the great things about being employed: having the money (barely) to blow on three-hour pay-per-views full of fake fighting.
I can't think of anything better. No, not even hookers.
This Sunday's show should be quite the event, as "The Game" - and WWE Chief Operating Officer - Triple H …

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