It seems that we are still feeling the effects of what is known as "The Great Resignation." When the pandemic started, lots of Americans lost their jobs, leading to a lot of people looking for work elsewhere. When life began to resume again in 2021, lots of people chose to quit their current jobs and pursue different career paths. The labor shortage and hiring crisis continues to have American employers struggling.

Montana ranks near the top of states with the most job resignations.

According to a recent study from Wallet Hub, Montana is one of the states in the country with the highest number of people quitting their jobs. They used data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the resignation rates in each state.

The Top 10 states with the most resignations are:

Hawaii, Tennesee, Arizona, West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Delaware Georgia, South Carolina, and Alaska.

Alaska claims the top spot for most resignations, with a 3.5% monthly resignation rate and a 3.98% yearly rate. That means nearly 1 out of every 25 people employed is walking off of the job.

Montana ranked just outside the top 10 states with most resignations.

Montana has a monthly resignation rate of 3.2% and a yearly rate of 3.33%. That means nearly 1 out of every 30 Montanans employed are walking off of the job.

The introduction of remote working jobs may be a big factor for Montanans quitting their jobs. After months of working from home during the pandemic, some people are choosing to continue the trend.

Check out the FULL study from Wallet Hub.

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