Is it called a "casserole" or "hot dish?" Regardless it is delicious. The annual TOT FEST event was sparked after Walking Corpse Syndrome frontman, Leif, decided he had a late night craving for tater tot casserole. He reached out to social media to find anyone who had a tried and true way of creating the perfect dish. We assume he passed out shortly after his post. When he woke up, not only did he have a plethora of responses to how to make the perfect tater tot casserole. But, he also had unknowingly inspired a giant local music festival.

20 BANDS on 2 STAGES. And all the TATER TOTS you can eat!

If you feel that your tater tot casserole can't be beat. Then you may want to try your luck at entering this year's COOK OFF. You may just score yourself the title of this year's champion. As well as FREE INK from Altered Skin Tattoo

Hear it from the man himself, on how he has been inspired to be a tot connoisseur.

Still wanna take of Leif in the cook off?


As you heard in the video, you MUST pick up a FREE cooking pan and entry form from the Sunrise Saloon tonight. (8/6) You will not be able to enter if you do not have the required pan and entry form.

After you whip up your delightful dish, it must be refrigerated prior to bringing it in.

Anytime after 1pm tomorrow (8/7) you can bring your casserole and entry form to the Dark Horse. Leave it up to them to heat it back up before serving.


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