It's killer time.

In proof that you don't need to drink to make horrible decisions, an 18-year-old man from Jacksonville, Fla. allegedly beat his grandmother to death after they got into an argument over beer.

Dylan Broughman, 18, has now been charged with the murder of Joyce Courson.

The episode unfolded on October 10 after Courson disposed of Broughman's beer while he showered. causing him to become enraged.

Broughman, who was originally charged with battery because Courson had not yet died, reportedly punched the walls, threw his grandmother to the floor before he repeatedly punched and kicked her.

Broughman's roommate, Dillon Ross, said he ignored the dispute because they sometimes argued, but eventually found Courson on the floor, while Broughman was nowhere to be seen.

Courson went to the hospital with a variety of injuries and passed October 18.

After police soon found Broughman, he said "he blacks out in rage and does not remember what he does," a trait backed up by his mother, Tracey Broughman, that's Courson's daughter -- who admits her son has "some severe anger issues."

Tracey had a strange defense for her son: "He didn’t actually kill her, her heart stopped. That’s what cause her death, we took her off life support."

As for how this tragedy could've possibly happened, here's some interesting background that probably explains a lot: Tracey was arrested earlier this year on battery charges, since dropped, for getting into a fight Courson. She has more than 20 arrests on her record and Dylan's paternal grandfather says she has a history of drug use and prostitution.

And you thought your family had problems.

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