The Black Keys are riding on the highest wave of success in their careers so far. The blues duo have just wrapped up another leg of their tour with Arctic Monkeys, which has seen them sell out arenas across the country. Even with their busy tour schedule, The Black Keys will set aside time this summer to start working on a new album.

In an interview with Spinner, drummer Patrick Carney revealed that he and singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach will head into the studio in July to begin recording the follow up to 2011′s ‘El Camino.’ A live album might also be in the works.

“We recorded every song, and we booked some studio time for two weeks in July,” Carney reveals. “So I know we’re going to start working on the next album in a couple of months. We haven’t really talked about it. We just want to get in the studio and start. That’s the only time we have to get into the studio until January, becuase we’re working all the way through the second half of summer, fall, and early winter.”

The stickman also mentioned how they were getting used to the upgrade in venues for this tour, no longer feeling intimidated by them.

“It’s been surreal playing arenas, but at the same time, the rooms are starting to not feel as huge as they were in the beginning,” Carney says. “We have a rule that we try and stick to, three weeks on, two weeks off.

“Once you hit that three-week mark you just get exhausted,” he continues. “I don’t think I’m nearly as tired as I would be if we were touring around in a van. Considering we get to hang out on the bus all day, the tour is relatively easy.”

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