It is the time of year when everybody seems to be fascinated by ghosts and things that "go bump in the night." For me, it is Halloween ALL YEAR LONG. I have been part of a paranormal investigation team, and on various paranormal investigations over the past 15 years. Everything from haunted cemeteries, to ghost towns and even private residences. When curious people ask me about my experiences, I usually break their hearts for a short time, as I tell them about how ridiculous it feels to sit in a dark room and talk to yourself. But, I usually follow that up with some of the creepiest evidence I have gathered. After that, even the skeptics start to question their stance on the paranormal.

Now it is your chance to join the team!

We are looking for qualified paranormal enthusiasts to join us on our annual Blaze Ghost Hunt. This year's location will remain undisclosed, as it is a private location. Meaning we are going to be helping a property owner answer questions about what is really going on in their place.

Western Montana's own Tortured Souls Investigations will be leading us on the investigation. The seasoned pros will share with you everything you need to know about doing a proper paranormal investigation. Including all the ghost-hunting gadgets and gear.  All you need is a promise that you have proper bladder control and do not scare easily.

The annual Blaze Ghost Hunt is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, October 15th 2022.

Applicants must be willing to drive approximately 1 hour each way. You will also be responsible for lodging if you choose to not drive home in the early morning hours. No food or beverages will be supplied. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Simply email or reach out to us on the 96.3 the Blaze mobile app to apply. The winner announced Friday morning 10/9.

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