In an effort to come up with different ways for people to enjoy their music, The Devil Wears Prada wanted to make their own app for smartphones. Now with Halloween on the way, join TDWP in some zombie killin, with their very own video game. Inspired by their 2010 "Zombies" EP , you can fight your way through zombie hordes on you iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for only $1.99. Android release expected soon.

In a recent press release, Mike Hranica, the frontman of TDWP said “When we had the idea to write songs based on Zombie chaos, one of the enticing side effects was being able to do cool stuff outside of the EP itself. We’ve always liked the idea of offering our fans something really unique. We’re all a bunch of Apple nerds and we spend a lot of down time on tour playing with games and apps.”

Check out the Website or download it now in the iTunes store.

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