For the last 3 months it seems the traditional handshake has disappeared. The COVID 19 pandemic has made everyone fear being within 6 feet of each other, let alone touching each other.


According to a TIME Magazine article from May

As Americans emerge from their homes and inch closer together to rebuild their social lives, experts are betting that some degree of social touch will disappear permanently, even after the pandemic ends. “I don’t think we should ever shake hands ever again, to be honest with you,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci in an April interview with the Wall Street Journal podcast.

Even though it is quickly becoming unacceptable to shake hands, I still find myself with the urge to do so. Especially when making business deals or meeting someone new. It is a force of habit that I have been taught since I was a kid. So now what do I do?

It has quickly replaced both the "high five" and the classic "hand shake." Of course I am talking about the "fist bump." It is something that only in the last few decades became a regular greeting among men. But, now seems to be more popular than ever. And it is being handed down to the next generation of kids as early a 2 years old. In fact, my kid refuses to get out of the car to go to school without a proper fist bump.

So, if you want to learn proper techniques of fist bumping, take notes of the following informational video.