This is pretty nuts: Donald Trump is coming to town this week, but did you know it's been 64 years since the last time a sitting US president visited Missoula?

The Missoula Current tells us about the last time a president came to the area - it was Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954. I mean, wow, talk about history.

His crowd size was around 30,000 people, the largest in Missoula's history at the time (back then, the population was only about 35,000).

And while I'm sure Trump will go on and on while he's here - the dude likes to talk - do you want to take a guess at how long Eisenhower was on stage? About fifteen minutes. And while he was there to support Republican candidates, he was mostly on hand to promote his administration's policies and dedicate the new Aerial Fire Depot.



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