It's still tough to imagine a metal world without Dio. One year ago today, we lost not only an amazing vocalist, but an amazing human being. Corey Taylor of "Slipknot" once said: "I would be hard pressed to find anyone that gets it done like Mr. Dio". THAT statement came out of Corey EFFING Taylor. Dio was, and still is an inspiration to everyone in the rock'n roll world.

I remember seeing him last year at the "Revolver Golden Gods" in Los Angeles. He had been diagnosed with cancer a few months before, and the rumors about his health were swirling. As soon as I watched him walk the Red Carpet, and accept his Golden God award, I knew he was going to be just fine. He looked strong, and his smile had never been bigger. Maybe Mr. Dio knew something I didn't. Maybe he knew his time was short, and he wanted the world to remember him as he was. A strong man with amazing talent and a love for life. You will ALWAYS be missed, Mr. Dio. You will NEVER be forgotten. Rest In Peace.