If you miss this, you better be dead or in jail - and if you're in jail, break out! 

That's from a Simpsons episode where Bart and Homer get excited about a monster truck rally (TRUCKASAURUS!) - it's where my mind went immediately when I saw the news that the Monster Truck Insanity Tour is making its triumphant comeback to the Western Montana Fairgrounds this summer.

Live A Little Productions are putting on an insane-sounding show that includes:

  • Five (5) competition monster trucks to compete in wheelies, racing, and freestyle
  • Monster ride truck capable of seating up to 12 people
  • Freestyle motorcross with backflips
  • Pit parties & autograph sessions
  • Interactive show with audience participation
  • Local UTV/Tough Truck Race with best drivers from pre-qualifier

This'll be going down on Sunday, August 11th, and you can get tickets at the link above. Will you be checking this one out, or are you holding out for Truckasaurous: The Movie? ("Oh you crazy car, I don't know whether to kiss ya or to eat ya!")

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