Some may remember back in the 70s when semi-trucks became a small part of pop culture when songs like C.W. McCall's "Convoy" were topping the charts and movies like "Smokey and the Bandit," "EveryWhich Way but Loose," and even the movie "Convoy" were hits, each portraying renegade style, burly guys making a living out on the open road. Fast forward to the present and not much has changed. Currently, thousands of over-the-road truckers are descending on the capital of Canada to protest vaccine mandates. But, the protest is not only happening in Ottawa. It appears to have turned the border between Montana and Canada into one of the "frontlines" of the protest.

The "Freedom Convoy" movement has spread to the Montana border with Canada. It is reported that nearly 2,000 trucks are blocking traffic at the border making everyday life difficult for the village of Coutts, Alberta.

What is the "Freedom Convoy" protest about?

Truck drivers are not happy with the government vaccine mandate. As it is currently, anyone looking to enter Canada that doesn't have a COVID vaccination is required by law to quarantine for two weeks before entering. Meaning that truck drivers hauling goods from the US have to basically choose between losing their jobs or getting vaccinated. The result is thousands of drivers and their families are practically shutting down the supply chain with the protest.

Montana became one of the frontlines of the movement when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police shut down any travel into Montana this past weekend. The reason is that nearly 2,000 trucks essentially blocked traffic on HWY 4 just north of Sweetgrass, MT. And it appears that they are not planning on going anywhere soon.

CBC News/YouTube
CBC News/YouTube

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