The Montana Grizzly Football Team have released their "hype video" for the 2022 season, and it's gonna take you by surprise.

The University of Montana Griz has its season opener against Northwestern State this Saturday. That means it's time for a new video to get you, the fans, pumped up and ready for some football.

Normally when you see a football hype video it's full of smash cuts of hard hits, touchdowns, fans' celebrations, etc. You know, crazy football stuff. This year the Montana Grizzlies decided to go on a different Journey (pun intended) with their new video.

At first, I remember asking myself "what is this song? I totally know this tune". A few seconds in KC and I both yelled "Journey"! Like, Steve Perry Journey. Here is the deal, it totally works. I'm always blown away at the media the Griz Football team puts out, and this is nothing short of fun and creative. Instead of huge hits and touchdowns, they keep it simple. Featuring Griz players all over the fair city of Missoula with a quiet slow motion feels like a "a lion doesn't concern himself with opinions of sheep" move. The old saying goes "act like you've been there before".

Take a look at the new Griz hype video below. Also, mad local Missoulian bonus points if you can name every place in town that is featured in the video.

If you can't make it out to the game, don't forget you can stream it live on our sister station KGVO

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