If you were planning on rewatching the classic Star Wars movies before The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters in December, I've got good news - The Roxy Theater in Missoula has got you covered.

The Roxy is currently closed for a couple of weeks while they renovate - they're in the process of getting new seats, floors, sound systems, the works. But they are planning some BIG things when they come back. That includes a "Roxy Revival" series where they're playing some all-time classics like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Wizard of Oz, plus they have plans to play every movie Wes Anderson has ever made, which I'm insanely excited about (where my Fantastic Mr. Fox buds at?)

But the thing that really caught my attention in their recent newsletter is the announcement of three films that'll be screening in August, because these things almost never play in theaters - The Roxy will be showing the original Star Wars trilogy this summer.

Here's what the email said: "Our other big series this summer is none other than (wait for it) The Star Wars Trilogy! More details will be coming soon, but each film in the "orig trig" will screen for a week in August: A New Hope (08/01 - 08/08), The Empire Strikes Back (08/09 - 08/15), and Return of the Jedi (08/16 - 08/22). This may be the last chance any of us will ever get to see these seminal films on the big screen, so don't miss out."

A full week to catch each movie! You'll have plenty of chances to see them so they're impossible to miss, just like shooting womp rats in your T-16 back home. No word on if these are the special editions (probably) or if The Roxy somehow got their hands on an original copy of the films where Han shoots first like he's supposed to, but regardless, this is awesome. They're not listed on The Roxy's site yet, but you can always look for updates on their calendar.

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