COVID 19 has really screwed up a lot of things for us in the last 6 months. It changed the way we go to church, the grocery store, restaurants, and bars. It changed just about everything. Our lives have been flipped completely upside down. But, thankfully, we have been slowly returning back to what may be a somewhat normal way of life. With the slow phasing back into the way it was 6 months ago, we have seen more restaurants open, more church services and even the return of movie theaters. There is one thing that has been missing though. The weekly gathering for Blaze Beer BINGO.

Just prior to St Patrick's Day, we had our final round on BINGO at the Thomas Meagher Bar. It was soon after, that we all went into lockdown. It has been a long wait, but I am happy to announce that the wait is over.

WEDNESDAY August 19th 2020, Blaze Beer BINGO returns to the Thomas Meagher Bar. Hosted by "Yours Truly" KC from 963 The Blaze.

Obviously there will be a few small changes to how the game will be played. And of course there will be proper distancing required. But, that is not going to stop us from having a good time and winning some cash.

To limit contact, we will be playing on disposable BINGO cards. Bring your own BINGO dauber, or purchase one from the bar when you arrive. Thats about all the changes you are going to see from the Wednesday night traditions. There is also a slim chance you will see your BINGO host take his shirt off. Thanks to the "quarantine 15."


3 rounds ($.50 per card) FINAL Round ($1 per card)


AT The Thomas Meagher Bar

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