Back in May, I posted information on how to register for Missoula's first ever "Ultimate Wine Run." set to take place on September 17th. Seems like a good time, it's only 19 bucks and wine is involved.

Then earlier this week, I started getting emails from some Blaze listeners asking if the run is just a scam to take your registration dollars. One listener said she paid the registration fee but was later told the run would be cancelled. Other listeners were concerned after they found a Facebook page claiming that the run is poorly managed. Suspicions were further fueled by a post on the official The Ultimate Wine Run Facebook page saying "Have you registered for the most talked about 5k run in the State of MISSOULA?" which still has yet to be corrected.

I contacted the organizer of The Ultimate Wine Run, Willie Baker, who is based out of California. He stated several times that the Wine Run in Missoula is "definitely not a scam" and said that the Facebook page defaming his event is run by some former disgruntled employees. Baker also emailed me saying "I just want to reiterate that this is not a scam, we have had multiple successful races across the country, and Missoula is in for a great time!!" The video above is from a recent Ultimate Wine Run in San Diego.

Willie Baker invites you to contact him directly with any questions that you may have about the event at

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