As we all know, Theory of a Deadman come from the same country that prints hockey on their money. From Canada EH! Their single "The Bitch Came Back" sounded familiar when I first heard it. Then I remembered hearing a similar song when I was just "knee high to a squirrel."

The classic Canadian cartoon, "The Cat Came Back", is an Oscar nominated short film from 1988. According to

Based on the children's song The Cat Came Back, it concerns the increasingly desperate Mr. Johnson, an old man who attempts to rid himself of a small, yet extremely destructive, yellow cat that will not leave his home. The attempts to get rid of the cat become more comical, and the cat becomes increasingly destructive, until Mr. Johnson resorts to an explosive solution. The result is a twist ending playing on the end of the children's song, with the cat's nine lives bedeviling Mr. Johnson for eternity.


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