When I first moved to Missoula a little over a year ago, one of the first questions I had to ask was "Where is the best burger in Missoula?" And you guys delivered! I had a huge list of places to work through after the listeners recommended them, and I'm happy to say I made a lot of progress. And then, I found this list put together by Destination Missoula, where they actually list off the top 10 burgers in town. Where were you when I needed you a year ago, Destination Missoula?!

This is a great list because I've eaten about half of these burgers and can confirm that they're terrific, and it gave me a few more burgers around town to eat. Here's who made the cut: Wally & Buck, The Top Hat, Flipper's Casino & Tavern, 1889, Missoula Club, Conflux Brewing Company, Rattlesnake Market & Cafe, The Trough, Burns St Bistro, and James Bar (that one's technically a cheat because those are sliders, but we'll let it slide).

Anywhere around town you feel like should have made the list?

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