I will never forget the day I accidentally stumbled on a group of nudists bathing in water. I was hiking to a well-known natural hot spring in the dark. All I had was a backpack with a bathing suit and towel, and a flashlight. When I got near where I knew the natural spring was located, I reached for my flashlight and turned it on. I scanned the light beam through the darkness until I could see the hot spring. It was at that moment that 4 naked bodies jumped out of the pool, hands on their naked hips, and yelled to turn off the light. I calmly apologized and continued my hike further up the trail to the next hot spring pool. What I witnessed still haunts me to this day.

Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of hiking, you are on a boat. And, instead of darkness, it is daylight. I'm sure some who float the mighty Blackfoot River have similar reactions when they float by what is known as RED ROCKS BEACH.


"Red Rocks Beach" is a well-known spot on the Blackfoot River for sunbathing. It is also a well-known spot for sunbathing in the nude.

Could it be the same spot on the Blackfoot river that was part of a hilarious scene from "A River Runs Through It?"

According to a nudist beach travel website, Nudist Compass:

Red Rocks Beach is a beautiful beach along the Blackfoot River that faces a dramatic wall of reddish-brown rock. The beach is lightly attended and nudity is common. A bit of discretion may be advisable, depending on who is present.

Red Rocks Beach is located just off of NineMile Prairie Road, above Whitaker Bridge.

A bathing suit company called Pour Moi just released a new guide to topless and nude sunbathing in the U.S. They dug up all the rules from all 50 states, and what they found might surprise you.

According to the Pour Moi website

We found out which places across America are the most interested in nudist sunbathing, by looking at the number of Google searches that each state has made over the last 12 months for the three most popular nudist phrases:

Nudist beaches
Nudist resorts
Sunbathe nude

As it turns out, the topless rules in Montana are a lot more relaxed than in most states.

According to the study, Montana's rules are basically:

Public indecency laws are in place, but topless freedom is allowed when practiced without the intention of offending others.

Montana was also in the top 10 states where people were most interested in sunbathing naked.

Just DO NOT forget to wear sunscreen

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