By: JC

Hello everyone! A strange coincidence that at least three bands that I have talked to over the last week cannot play shows because they are out a drummer. I just interviewed the band Walking Corpse Syndrome on the 4th. WCS has TWO drummers and joke about looking for a 3rd! Where have all the drummers gone? I’m starting to think they share the same plane of existence as a unicorn or an effin chupacabra. Or maybe it’s like when you’re looking for that lost remote… you can sift through lost pennies and couch cheetos all you want, you’re never going to find it till you give up looking and go pout over a frozen dinner. Ironically, when you open the freezer door, there is the remote right next to the car keys you couldn’t find last night. (No, this is not from experience, MY remote was in the fridge and my keys were in the dryer)

Classes being back in session seem to have made my week chaos! Looking forward to seeing some live music, thank god there is plenty of it. Because it’s so late in the week Ill catch ya up with the rest of this week AND next week. Enjoy!

Friday, September 9th

The Dark Horse

9:30pm | 21+ | Free

Walking Corpse Syndrome

Odds Unfavored


Saturday, September 10th

Corvalis Grange

6:30pm | all ages | $10

Walking Corpse Syndrome

Odds Unfavored


Rest in Death

The Dark Horse

9pm | 21+ | Free

High Voltage

Little Giants

All Things Pertaining

Friday, September 15th

Top Hat

Under The Sea Formal

8pm | 21+ | $5 single/$7 couple

The Skurfs

The Be Helds

The Palace

9pm | 18+ | 18-20 $12 DOS/ $10 ADV 21+ $7 DOS/ $5 ADV (advance tix available @ Ear Candy)

Austin Lucas

Birds Mile Home

Cash for Junkers

Saturday, September 17th

Top Hat

9:30 | 21+ | $?



The Boxcutters

Caras Park

Rock Against Racism

4pm| All Ages | Free

Sick Kids XOXO

Baby and Bukowski

Birds Mile Home

Airstream Safari

Zeppo, MT


Sunday, September 18th

The Palace

9pm | 21+ | $8

Slim Cessnas Auto Club

Hangover Saints

I’ll be rockin against racism at Caras Park on Saturday. Hope to see you all there!