In the early 21st century, a wealth of new bands battled for position at rock radio and among the acts to emerge from the clutter was a Canadian outfit known as Three Days Grace. The group penned a blend of catchy, anthemic and sometimes gut-wrenching tracks that connected with audiences and made them one of the biggest rock bands of the period.

It all started with a self-titled disc, fueled by a number of aggressively-infused singles belted by singer Adam Gontier. The band then furthered their career by teaming up with producer Howard Benson, yielding a string of rock radio favorites over the span of the albums One-X and Life Starts Now. Gontier would exit the band shortly after the release of Transit of Venus, but the band called in bassist Brad Walst's brother Matt Walst on vocals and showed no signs of slippage with their Human and Outsider albums.

But which of these discs is their strongest work? Scroll through the gallery above and see how we ranked Three Days Grace's albums from weakest to strongest.

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