Three recommended Montana Campgrounds to get to on Labor Day Weekend

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1. Two Medicine Campground

Located in Glacier National Park, this is where you can beat the crowds, there is hiking trails around Two Medicine Lake and you can climb to higher passes. Black bears, grizzly bears, mountain goats and bighorn sheep can be spotted at a distance (one of the few campgrounds in the world this is possible!)

Directions: Two Medicine Campground is located 3 miles north of East Glacier Park on Montana 49, 12 miles west on Park Road at the foot of Two Medicine Lake.

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2. Big Therriault Lake Campground

Sitting next to Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area in the Kootenai National Forest outside Eureka, this is where you go if you want quiet and peacefulness. The reason it is so silent there is that there are no motorized boats allowed on Big Therriault Lake. You can hear all the sounds of nature and enjoy this 45-acre lake, away from any type of noise brought by society. There are several routes for hiking and horseback riding leading to alpine lakes, lookouts, and scenic high ridge traverses.

Directions: From Fortine, travel 3 miles northwest on US Highway 93. Turn east onto Grave Creek Road 114 and follow for 12 miles to the junction with Therriault Lakes Road 319. Turn onto Road 319 and follow the signs to the lake, approximately 16 miles.

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3. Holland Lake Campground

Located north of Seeley Lake, this is where you go to get your fishing, water skiing and boating on with the same amenities of hiking and paddling. If you like waterfalls, go take a hike into the Bob Marshal Wilderness close by with amazing scenic lookouts and lakes.

Directions: Located 9 miles southeast of Condon on Montana Highway 83, then 3 miles east on Forest Road 44 (Holland Lake Road).

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