It may not be the number one pick, when it comes to horror films. But, it sure is fun to watch. And, just five years ago this week, filming was underway in Montana for the movie "Dead 7."

While tons of people are answering the casting call to be an extra on the hit television show "Yellowstone" in 2020. In the summer of 2015, lots of Missoulians were making the trip to Anaconda to answer the casting call for a new SyFy Channel movie. A movie known simply as "Dead 7."

Whats "Dead 7" about? According to Wikipedia, the plot is this:

After the zombie apocalypse occurs, mankind reverts to a simpler way of life reminiscent of the Old West. However, a woman named Apocalypta has decided to try and train zombies to use as her army to take over what is left of the world. After creating her army, which she calls Copperheads, she has her subordinates, Johnny Vermillion and Stamper, begin leading them to the town of Harper’s Junction. Some of the residents run or hide while others, such as Billy, begin to fight back.

So, it is basically your typical "Sheriff saves small old west town" kind of story. But, this time it is post apocalyptic and the bad guys are zombies. And it is directed by the guy that brought you "Sharknado." Who wouldn't want to watch that?

But, what makes "Dead 7" even more of a thrill ride, is that it stars popular 90's boy band and pop artists. That's right members of boy bands like Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, O-Town and All-4-One.

Check out the first 2 minutes of what could be your 2nd favorite SyFy film, next to "Sharknado"

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