Tuesday, November 29 has been designated as 'Giving Tuesday' around the world through social media, and the Better Business Bureau has tips to help you give wisely and safely.

BBB spokesman Dan Buchta said there are two very important aspects of 'Giving Tuesday' to be aware of.

"The BBB has created the Wise Giving Alliance," Buchta said. "Just visit Give dot org, The Better Business Bureau does all the research on these charities and we get information from them that we supply to consumers. You can enter the name of any charity and find out, number one, if it's legitimate, and number two, you'll also see how they utilize the funds you send them."

Another useful website allows consumers to text their donations to their favorite charities.

"Just go to Mobile Giving dot org, you can find out which charities accept donations through a text," he said. "The cool feature about this website is that after you've texted your donation, you'll be billed for that as part of your monthly cellphone bill, and you can go on the website and print out a receipt to use for your taxes."

Buchta said to beware of any fundraiser who tries to pressure you into giving before you have a chance to thoroughly investigate the charity.

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