Last weekend many adventure seekers took a trip back in time to experience shipboard life, joined the camaraderie, and some even became first class! That special occasion, known as the Titanic Dinner, awaited attendees from near and far.

Anticipation filled the air as passengers boarded Titanic, dinner was served and a roving performer who took on the role of the late Captain Smith made the night even more memorable.

The Titanic Dinner guaranteed fine food, service and unrivaled hospitality… After all, they were on board the largest, safest and most luxurious “ship” in the world.

Ice warnings were heard then the unthinkable happened! Titanic was mortally wounded, the S.O.S. was going out! Fortunately, Captain Smith arrived to rescue us all! We docked safely at the harbor of the Hilton Garden Inn in Missoula, and then it was every man for himself at the table serving the finest last meal served on that vessel 100 years ago.

Enjoy the photos from last weekend’s sold-out event below:

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