For many Montanans, it is the trip of a lifetime. A 59 mile float down one of Montana's most scenic and exclusive rivers. The Smith River is so popular, that the Montana FWP holds a lottery drawing each year, to decide who and when people float. The river hosts some of the best trout fishing in the state, but only has two rivers access points. One to "put in" and one to "take out."

According to the FWP website

From May 15 - July 15 floaters can stay on the river a maximum of four nights only. To help preserve the unique quality of the Smith River canyon, overnight camping must take place at designated boat camps.

Since the Smith River flows through a remote canyon, there are some things to keep in mind for this adventure; there are no public services from Camp Baker to Eden Bridge. Floaters must carry their own food, water, safety, camping equipment and a fishing license.

If you are interested in a float trip of a lifetime, it couldn't hurt to submit an application. The fee is $10, and the deadline is midnight tonight.

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