It is time to start stocking up on treats for the little ghouls and boys that are looking to knock on your door on the 31st. If you are not prepared, you could find your self with a front yard covered in toilet paper. That is why you want to make sure to have the right candies stocked to please the trick or treaters. recently surveyed all 50 states in the U.S. to discover the most popular Halloween treats in each state. Everything from Tootsie Pops to the dreaded Candy Corn.

What are Montana's favorite Halloween treats?

1) Double Bubble Gum (aprx 24,675 lbs)

2) M&Ms (aprx 14,673 lbs)

3) Twix (aprx 13,784 lbs)

That is A LOT of candy. Americans are expected to spend $2.7 billion dollars on Halloween candy this year. Make sure to stock up on Montana's favorites.

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