Let's face it. No matter where you're from, or how long you have lived in Montana, we all have a little "Redneck" in us. As much as you try to resist the urge to admit it, it is true. Deep down inside, we all like to play in the mud and shoot guns. But, not everybody is as committed as those who are doing their best to bring back the "mullet."

If Montana rednecks were ever featured on Jeopardy, what categories would we see? We put together a list of possibilities.

  • Things in Hank Jr.'s Beard.
  • Things That Fit on Cinder Blocks.
  • Ways to Kill Time After You Get Stuck Muddin'.
  • Non-ironic Chuck Norris Facts.
  • Catchphrases Seen on Yosemite Sam Mud Flaps.
  • Top-Selling Boxed Wines.
  • Things that Rhyme with Jerky.
  • Legendarily Incisive Comic Minds Other than Larry the Cable Guy.
  • Evolution, Global Warming, and Other Fairy Tales.

Which one category would you be the best at? Which would you wish came up as the Daily Double?

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