Being a game warden isn't the easiest job in the world. When critters encroach too close to civilization, it is there job to escort them back to the wild. But, sometimes things don't go as planned. Take black bears for example. They follow their noses and often times wind up in our neighborhoods. When that happens we send in the "critter cops." We have all seen footage of bears being tranquilized and re-located. But, when bears get into trees and won't come down, it turns into a more involved process.

Footage has recetly surfaced of a game warden trying to safely get a adolescent bear out of a tree. Using a tranquilizer gun and an inflatable bag to break the sleepy bears fall. But, lining the bag up perfectly for the fall turns out to be harder than it looks. It is safe to say, we can't BEAR to watch it.

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