Don't know about you, but we're getting pretty used to concerting from home. Watching live performances and starting a 3 person mosh pit or dance party, we're doing what we can to concert during the pandemic. There was a LOT of dancing and singing along during the recent airing of the 'Let's Go Crazy Grammy Salute to Prince." With that said, we've got a couple suggestions for your viewing/moshing/dancing pleasure this weekend.

On June 17th of 2006, Foo Fighters brought their 'In Your Honor' tour to London's legendary Hyde Park for a crowd of around 100,000 fans. Yesterday (4/24) the band released the full performance to YouTube for the first time ever. It includes all of the magic that you get from a live Foo show, plus appearances by Queen and Lemmy Kilmister. Watch all 120 minutes of the show below.

Next, Post Malone and Travis Barker doing 15 Nirvana covers. I was hesitant on this one at first, like, what was Post Malone going to sound like, I mean, I think he's talented as hell, but I don't go out and buy his music. He surprised the hell out of me with these covers, doesn't hurt that Travis Barker is behind the kit, but Posty kills it. If he were to stick with this rock vibe, I'd be way into it, even Krist Novoselic was tweeting his praise. See the full performance below (extra points for the Cobaincentric dress.)

And finally, the 'Beastie Boys Story' documentary is out now on AppleTV+. Both Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz share the story of their band, and it's directed by Spike Jonze. We haven't watched it yet as this isn't something you can have on in the background while you scroll through your phone or work on your laptop, but you can bet we'll be watching it together tonight, it's getting rave reviews from our friends & family who have seen it. See the trailer below.

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