It is crunchtime for bears, as they prepare for their long winters nap. Fall bear activity increases as the days get shorter and the leaves start to change. It seems that bear activity in urban areas increases as well during the fall. Mostly we hear reports of bears helping themselves to backyard apple trees. Or, in the case of last week's grizzly sighting near Lolo, bears helping themselves to berries. But, it turns out that bears also have a taste for ramen noodles and pizza crust, as a bear sighting has been reported near the University of Montana campus.

According to KPAX

The University of Montana Police Department issued an alert to students that a bear has been spotted near campus.

The alert advised students and faculty to remain bear aware and keep a lookout for the bear.

Now, it sounds like the sighting was of a black bear. Black bears are far less aggressive than grizzly bears. Especially ones that are accustomed to interactions with humans. A bear that is comfortable enough to wander into campus may be a nuisance, but odds are it is not going to eat you alive. Montana FWP will most likely capture the bear and re-locate it some where further from trouble.

Flashback to the early 2000's when a bear sighting took place near UM campus, and resulted in a viral video on the web as well as late night television. The infamous "bear trampoline" is an situation that took place just a few blocks from campus. Check out the following clip from Late Late show with Craig Kilborn.

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