Once again, the University of Montana will provide an opportunity for visitors to take a ‘walk through time’ where each few steps can take you back over one million years.

Retired UM history professor Vicki Watson describes the ‘Walk through Time’ display.

“The Walk Through Time exhibit that we have is one of only three in the world and it was created by a physicist at Hewlett-Packard labs who wanted to show just how amazingly miraculous is this creation that this little ball of Earth that we have in the cosmos,” said Watson. “What it took for it to become a livable planet, and a cautionary tale that as far as we know, there’s only one Goldilocks planet like this, and we need to take care of it.”

“There are 90 panels in all, starting at about five billion years ago, and the final panel represents the present,” she said. “It has humans in a sort of social organization, and there’s also a panel with the Earth Charter on it with the recognition of our responsibility to take carte of this gift.”

The display will be up around the UM Oval starting at the Payne Family Native American Center for all of Earth Week (April 16-21) as well as March for Science Day (Saturday, April 14).


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