Sad news for the Missoula music scene as local metal staple Universal Choke Sign has called it quits, although they say "anything is possible" as far as their future together goes.

Two weeks ago, we reported that UCS lead singer JJ Keller had decided to leave the band. Since then, the boys have posted the following message to their fans.

What's up UCS fans? I'm sure you all have heard by now that we have lost our front man. We were faced with a couple options. We could either find a replacement singer/guitarist or we could step away from the band and pursue other projects for the time being. We decided to do the latter. You all will be missed and we will always remember all the great times we have had rocking your faces off. We would like to thank each and every person who has supported and helped this band over the past 11 years. There are countless people and you know who you are. We will never forget that and it's been one hell of a ride!! One good thing about music is that it is timeless. It will outlive us all. You will still be able to purchase both our albums as well as stream them online. Our videos will always be available to you on our YouTube page and our Facebook and reverberation pages will still be there to check in with us to see what we are up to. Who knows this may only be a break for us. Anything is possible, but for now, this is the decision we have made. Cheers to you all and again thank you everyone for your support over the years.
Horns up y'all!!

Guitarist George "G Nizzle" has already joined a new project as the drummer, so we will keep you updated on what's to come from them. You can also still find Dayv Drake behind the kit with his band Sophie Jester & The Medicine.

We have always referred to UCS as our "house band" and they have not only rocked our faces and our airwaves, but have become very dear friends to us. Dayv, Per, JJ, Fatty and Niz, you are our brothers, we support your decision and will always be cheering you on, thank you for everything!

And now you know why Universal Choke Sign aren't scheduled to play our 2016 New Year's Eve Blaze Ball. However, you can catch Dayv Drake on drums for Overtime and the Blue Collar Band and G Nizzle on drums for Chaos II Clarity, so they WILL be at THE biggest New Year's Eve party in Western Montana, don't miss it!

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