Continuity. That's the word that University of Montana Athletic Director Kent Haslam emphasized when he announced that head football coach Mick Delaney had accepted a one-year extension on his contract, bringing it to the maximum three years possible by university policy.

"I do think the continuity is important," Haslam said on Wednesday, November 27. "Coach Delaney expressed an interest to stay. He knew he had a solid two-year contract when he was hired, but he expressed an interest in staying for another year, and I really do think that continuity helps the team and the program as we're about to hit the recruiting trail."

Haslam heaped praise on the man who was in many ways responsible for helping the Grizzlies turn around a dismal 2012 season at 5-6 to this year, where the team is sporting a 10-2 record with a first round bye in the playoffs.

"He's very much a disciplinarian, but he does it in such a loving way," Haslam laughed. "That sounds a little hokey, maybe, but it's really true. He is somebody that, at the drop of a hat, you ask him to go do something, he's more than willing to do it. He's a great recruiter, a good motivator and he's just so mature. He's been in football for a long time, and I've just appreciated how he's navigated the team through some tough times. He's really been that rock, the person that's kept things together."

Before he can think about recruiting, Delaney has to continue the journey of this 2013 season, as his Grizzlies prepare for a second round playoff game between either Coastal Carolina or Bethune-Cookman in Missoula on December 7.

Haslam said he was happy to secure Coach Delaney's services for one more year.

"I'm just happy we were able to get that done here before Thanksgiving, so we'll all know who the head football coach will be next year."

University of Montana Athletic Director Kent Haslam