Veteran's Heartbeat – On the Pulse of the Veteran is a weekly half hour talk show devoted to issues of hope, health, opportunity and well-being of veterans. Join us on KGVO 98.3 FM every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. The show is brought to you by the Rural Institute for Veteran’s Education and Research and they are on a mission. When veterans encounter obstacles to health and well-being, RIVER is there to help. RIVER provides training to the veteran’s community for outdoor recreational therapists and emergency medical technicians, plus medical services and cutting edge research projects. If you are a veteran or veteran’s family, contact RIVER at

For episode 54 of Veteran's Heartbeat, we spoke with Veterans Rights Attorney Clair White. She is a United States military veteran, a veterans' advocate and criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Morton & Russo.

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