With the temperatures rising this Summer, your dog doesn't stand a chance in your car. Yet we still see it happen every summer. Some irresponsible pet owner will inevitably leave their dog in the car, while they "just run inside REAL QUICK." That person will then run into that old friend from high school, a proceed to catch up on how they have been over the last 20 years. Meanwhile, the temperature in the car has already reached a level hot enough to bake bread. Just imagine being in a car that is 160 degrees. Now imagine being covered in fur, and NOT being able to sweat.

According to heatkills.org

  • Dogs can begin to suffer brain damage in as little as 10 minutes, when left in cars, even with the windows partially open
  • Dogs have died from heatstroke in such conditions, even in temperatures as low as 70 degrees
  • Regardless of the exterior temperature, the interior temperature of a car left in anything other than cold conditions, even with the windows partially open, rises 19 degrees in the first 10 minutes, and 29 degrees in the first 20 minutes.

See how hot it gets in a parked car, as vet Dr. Ernie Ward spends half an hour in a car.
According to Dr. Ernie's YouTube channel

Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward stays in a parked car on a summer day to see how dangerous it is to leave a pet inside a car. The car reaches 117 degrees within 30 minutes with all four windows opened 1 to 2 inches.