Are we alone in this great universe? Who's to say? On the one hand, it seems like we would have found some other form of intelligent life by now. And on the other, we have  people filming themselves eating Tide Pods and trying to swallow whole containers of cinnamon for viral video challenges - so you have to think there's a better option out there when it comes to smarts.

Where do you stand on the whole "UFO's are real" thing? Maybe it's a bit too much for some to admit that they believe big-eyed aliens are roaming the galaxy in crazy spaceships. But what about things in the sky that can't be unexplained with the naked eye? I feel like everybody has seen something up above and wondered to themselves what it could be. And that's exactly what was happening in Montana this week. There was reports of strange sightings in the sky - with some videos and pictures to go along with those reports.

A KPAX/MTN story says they received several messages asking if the news service had seen the lights from some sort of craft in the North Montana skies. Chris Kicking Woman shared a video that he took just after midnight - on Sunday morning (5/16.) It shows a trail of lights slowly passing and Kicking Woman said "it was shot above Blackfeet Country."

MTN also had messages on their Facebook page about the occurrences, including one from Michelle RedSun EagleHawk:  "I have a very strange question 5/15/2021 around 23:00 to 00:00 did anyone observe in the Northern Hemisphere a very long cigar-sharped flying craft. It was not displaying lights, but rather in an area in the space between earth and our moon, which allowed the sun to reflect off the ship. No, not a meteor, or comet, but very large craft. No, this is not a disc or saucer, but a very large craft....."

See for yourself - check out a picture and video that was sent in to MTN HERE.

What's your take? Do we have visitors in the night sky? What do you think is in the video when you watch it?

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