So when can we resurrect John Candy and his Wally World park security character? I'm asking, because I think it would be great to have him stand at all of the park entrances repeating the line "Sorry folks, but the park's closed." I guess the moose outside didn't tell anybody. Our national parks are seeing record numbers this year across the country. We are seeing exceptionally high numbers of tourists this year in Montana. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as Montana relies a lot on the tourism industry. But, HOLY COW, it is crowded.

Glacier Park is on it's way to break records for visitation. Just in the month of May, Glacier park saw 477,000 visitors. That was before the park was fully open. In 2020 GNP saw nearly 2 million total visitors. And, that was during a pandemic. Now that the pandemic is fading, people are anxious to get outside.

Now that all of the park's entrances are open, the visitors are flocking to Glacier Park. The park knew they were going to have to curb the amount of people travelling in the park. Due to lower staffing and higher amount of visitors. They recently announced a ticketing system for people to travel the Going to the Sun Road. Meaning you need to reserve yourself the opportunity to drive the famous highway.

Our friends at NBC Montana, recently posted footage of a long line of vehicles waiting to gain access to the St Mary entrance to the park. The line in seemingly endless.

What are your thoughts of the crowded tourist season?


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