The latest video from Black Stone Cherry follows the homecoming of an American soldier. With over a decade of foreign conflicts, the US has seen a lot of these "tear jerking" homecomings from over seas. Today's Vidiot pick paints a vivid picture of longing and being apart from those you love. There is a certain group of people that the message connects with in a very powerful way — the brave men and women of this country’s armed forces.

It’s only fitting that the Kentucky rock quartet would honor our troops with the video for ‘In My Blood,’ but where most videos would have actors, but this video features a real military family. The star being PFC Randy Hirneisen, a 20-year old making his way from war-torn Afghanistan to his wife and 2-month old newborn son in Georgia.

The video’s culmination is especially profound as you see Hirneisen reunite with his wife and hold his son for the first time, but in many cases these types of homecomings are short-lived. It’s an ongoing cycle of elation and heartbreak that military families in America deal with every day.

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