If you think way back to 2005, you may remember seeing these guys live for the "Blaze Birthday Bash". They teamed up with Strata for a show at the Wilma. Today they are on to their 3rd studio album titled "We All Bleed".

Back in 2008, Crossfade was cut from the Columbia records roster and had to resign with another label. They chose to go with a label called Eleven Seven Music. According to Wikipedia.org: "Ed Sloan says that his exile had taken him to a darker place in life and that the songs in We All Bleed would reflect that. Though dealing with harsh realities the band also stated that there is a strong element of positivity in the album that 'gets you ready to face the day'." 

Today's Vidiot pick is from their latest single "Prove You Wrong". It is a mixture of animation and trippy glow stick effects with the band.

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